The Three W’s of Leadership

August 19, 2019

The three W’s of leadership. The Want-Why-What. These are extremely important to every leader.

Let’s start with the WANT to. You have to want to be a leader for the right reasons. Not for personal gain or better schedule or the money.  Although all of those things may be part of taking a leadership role you have to “want to” do it for the right reason.  One word comes to mind when I think of leadership. sacrifice.  You will sacrifice as a leader and when times are tough if you don’t have the right want to it will suck.

The WHY.  Nothing is more important to a leader than understanding your leadership WHY. Mine is simple. To inform inspire and educate myself and others to lead a purpose driven life. What’s your why? Do you have one. Knowing your leadership why is one of the most powerful personal motivators you can possess. Things will change when you know your leadership Why.

The WHAT.  This is what you do as a leader your leadership actions. When you have the right want and why your what is more important. Have you ever been lead by someone whose leadership actions are not the best. They probably don’t have the right want or why. Get these three in synch and watch your leadership life change and those around you. Join us at LHLN for more.





Dean Crisp