The Types of Knowledge

& the transfer of it

I have had the opportunity to travel and speak about leadership a great deal over the past several years.  I have  talked about the importance of mindset, self reflection. emotional intelligence along with many other important leadership topics.  Doing research for a presentation on Generations I found a leadership topic that I had not heard much about nor had really considered; Knowledge Transfer.  This is defined as transferring knowledge from one person to another or transferring information from one part of the organization to the other. It is not as simple as teaching my job to those below me or passing along how we have always done things.  It is the actual transfer of Knowledge.  This is vital to the success  of new leaders who will be replacing you.  This can literally be the life blood that ensures success.   

There are two types of knowledge. Tacit and Explicit.  Tacit knowledge is those things you learn by experience and Explicit is what is easily transferred through speaking or writing. Both are critical to share. Your willingness to share your knowledge will be a part of your leadership legacy.  The next Generation needs your Knowledge. 

Do you have a knowledge transfer plan? Currently, there are 6 million Boomers and even older Xers retiring every week. With each of them goes years of critical tacit and explicit knowledge on both the organization and functional capacity. I challenge you top begin to transfer that knowledge on a formal basis by using Mentoring, Guidance, Work Shadowing, Paired Work Groups, and other ways to share that knowledge that is so vital.  Just as leaving a leadership legacy of which you can be proud is important, make sure you are leaving a knowledge transfer legacy as well.  Your people, your organization, and your community deserve it.

Let me know your thoughts…