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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams

Leaders Helping Leaders Mentoring Network

Leaders Helping Leaders Network was created to develop a one-of-a-kind national network for inter-agency mentoring and information sharing among law enforcement officers.

It was created to address the need for quality interactions and information sharing among law enforcement personnel. Whether they are looking for a mentor; the answer to a question to do their job better; or just ideas on self-improvement, LHLN is creating a mobile solution to make this happen.

While many law enforcement agencies have contemplated the need for mentoring  programs few have been able to successfully start one.  The reasons are many including department size, lack of mentors, and resources. The reality is that the most effective mentoring relationships are those that develop organically. It may begin by asking a question about how to do a particular part of your job better and that leads to more and more interactions until a mentoring relationship develops over time among individuals. 

Others come to LHLN wanting to just be better leaders. The tips and interactions with other leaders and discussions among them through our moderated online forums led by Dean or another subject-matter expert on the topic at hand.

Our program is designed to serve not only agencies who want to improve their leaders,  but individuals who want to become the best leader they can be both personally and professionally.

Many join for the rich content but end up staying because of the community we have created.

Our mobile app will allow members to access discussion forums and message other members in a private, secure online forum – in many ways, it’s a private Facebook group without the fear that your information is being sold to other vendors.




How We Do It

We have created what we believe to be a first of its kind law enforcement inter-agency mentoring network through our Leaders Helping Leaders Network Program.  Law enforcement professionals face an ever changing environment of uncertainty and public expectations.   By providing access to a online national network of  law enforcement professionals who are willing to share their leadership experiences and ideas, our participants will have unparalleled access and a unique opportunity to learn from other  professionals.

It also provides the participant an opportunity for self reflection and personal growth by sharing their experience, ideas, knowledge, career goals and educational information with another professional.

Finally, we will offer participants the opportunity for self-growth through available self-assessments you can use to learn more about yourself and how others may perceive you as part of your self-reflection process.

Take this Opportunity To Sign Up

LHLN has been offering its mentoring network FREE to qualifying law enforcement personnel. We will begin by offering free to those who have attended one of Dean Crisp’s Intentional Leadership classes or persons who have been specifically invited because of their unique knowledge, skills and abilities as leaders. 







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Grow as A Leader

As the program evolves, LHLN will add layers of mentoring and provide initial “mentees” with the opportunity to create peer-to-peer groups online or become mentors themselves.

Continuing mentors will hopefully become trusted members of the LHLN network for flash mentoring of officers in need and as continuing leadership mentors who’s insight is valued by LHLN members.

We encourage all members to make contributions to our blog, newsletter, and Leader’s Library resource area. It’s only through you and your contributions that LHLN becomes what we envision








Take a class

LHLN is offering new classes all the time. We have three live classes now that we will be offering and will soon be offering online courses through our members’ only website.

Intentional Leadership

Our signature 2.5-day, 20 hour class designed for veteran, new, and aspiring leaders. If you are a veteran leader, this will get you thinking about how to future build on your leadership foundation. For aspiring or recently-promoted leaders, this class will get your leadership off to the best possible start by getting you to think intentionally about how you are leading. Learn more and sign up below


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master trainer & presenter

Whether you are a professional trainer, train within your organization, or simply make regular presentations to groups, this week-long class taught by Dean Crisp and Tim Plotts will offer you skills, tips, and techniques that will make you a better presenter and/or trainer than you were before.

Check below for dates.


active shooter class

Designed for businesses, churches, and really any workplace that wants a good workshop for their employees on identifying, reducing the risk of, and surviving an active shooter event. Taught by Captain Earle “Mac” Marsh of the Columbia Police Department, participants are walked through Marsh’s unique approach to educating employees on this important topic. 

Mac also offers site risk walk-throughs when requested

Learn more