Four Pillars of Leadership


In this weeks blog I am going to begin a series on the Four Pillars of Leadership.  As with any structure, belief or culture pillars are required to support the foundation or it will collapse on itself.  Leadership is no different.  Without strong pillars leadership is weak and unsupported.  This concept was developed through years of being constantly tested as a leader.  
The pillars are: Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Self Reflection and Self Healing. Lets begin with Mindset. What is Mindset.  Mindset has received a great deal of attention in leadership with good reason.   Mindset sets the tone for leadership and leaders.  Without the proper mindset nothing good gets accomplished.  What is Mindset exactly?  Mindset can be defined as your current state of thought based on expectations. Carol Dweck the Stanford Professor identified two types of Mindsets,  Growth and Fixed.  A growth mindset is one that allows you to see things more positively and generally from a favorable point of view.  A fixed  mindset is the opposite in that you see the world more cynically and with a negative perspective. I know personally how having both of these mindsets can impact your leadership. After many years as a Chief I could feel myself suffering from a fixed mindset.  I could feel myself becoming more cynical and more isolated in thought. This is what I refer to as  my dark years as a leader.  I was not at my best.  I have always focused on improving the organization and the people but not so much myself. I was not as willing to adjust my Mindset. Even though I knew I had to change I was held captive by my fixed mindset.   Then a epiphany moment occurred.   In next weeks Blog learn how I made that adjustment and what were the results…….Please join in our conversation and tell us about your experience with mindset…until next week……keep Leading……
Dean Crisp
CEO Crisp Consulting Group
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